Creativity is the key to success today


The World Economic Forum has predicted that by 2020 creativity will be the third most important skill in the entire world of work. A global IBM report found that leaders say the most important leadership skill is now creativity. Weve entered the Creative Age.


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We're here to meet this need in a radical new way. We can actually increase your “creative IQ” - your ability to think of imaginative, inventive and innovative solutions to your various work and life challenges - through a new and scientifically grounded set of tools and techniques delivered through talks, training, coaching, consultancy and retreats.

Its all based on the pioneering work of creativity expert and anthropologist Dr. Michael Bloomfield.


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Find out how we can help your organisation through our flexible offerings, all dedicated to boosting your potential to invent, imagine and innovate in the new hyper-competitive commercial environment.

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Embark upon an exciting pathway to a more imaginative mind which can lead to increased financial power, self-discovery, artistic exploration and improvements in your relationships.

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